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Slots legislation provides for revenue to support the Pennsylvania Standardbred breeding industry

  • Legislation currently mandates that about 10% of taxable slots revenue at all PA slots facilities be distributed to support the Pennsylvania horse racing and breeding industries.  Of this amount, 80% is allotted for improvement of overnight purses, 16% goes to breeders and breeding improvement, and 4% for medical and pension benefits for racetrack horsemen.
  • Pennsylvania Standardbred Breeders voluntarily supported legislative provisions that divides harness racing’s 16% equally between purses for PA Sire/Fair Stakes and the Pennsylvania Standardbred Breeders Development Fund.
  • Slots legislation mandates that Breeders Awards be established from the 8% of slots revenues distributed to the Breeders Development Fund, to include Pennsylvania Stallion Awards, Pennsylvania Bred Awards, and Pennsylvania Sired and Bred Awards.

Operational Policies

  • There will be no nominating fee to make a horse eligible for Pennsylvania Harness Breeders Funds awards, but the Breeder (not the operator of the farm in residence) must ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is on file with the Racing Commission, which in this and all matters will be the sole and final authority.  The bona fide Breeder must sign the Fund Registration Form for his mare (agent cannot sign).  Forms will be available from the Commission and online. This paperwork is separate from any Pennsylvania Sire Stakes paperwork.
  • Any race at a Pennsylvania track will qualify an eligible horse (2 to 4YO) to generate Breeders Fund awards.
  • The amount of Breeders Award money to be distributed for a given year’s racing will be determined by the amount of money generated as specified in the Race Horse Development and Slots Act and divided as specified above.  There will be one Breeders Fund check for a breeding category per year; a Breeder is responsible for the Commissions having all necessary paperwork, including a properly-executed W-9 from or equivalent, before payment.  A calendar year will be used.  An electronic payment authorization will be required for all but the most special of cases.
  • All PA Breeders awards will be based on the amount of money eligible progeny earn in eligible races.
    • There is a 10% figure set aside for stallion awards, but this money can be used for a worthwhile program or purpose that furthers the mission of the Pennsylvania Harness Breeders Fund.
    • For the foals of PA-sired horses through the authorized payments of the 2013 racing season, breeders of a particular crop’s “PA Sired” (non-resident) horses will divide 20%, and Breeders of “PA Sired and Bred” (resident) horses will divide 70%.
    • For horses foaled in 2011 or later, or in any other situation, 70% will be divided among Breeders of “PA Sired and Bred” horses, with the remaining 20% to be used for  purses of races tagged for “PA Sired” horses, largely on an overnight or late-closing status.
    • “Non Resident” awards will be phased out after the 2013 racing season (updated 5/1/11).
        • Non-resident PA-sired foals of 2007 will be paid as 4YO’s in a non-resident status.
        • Non-resident PA-sired foals of 2008 will be paid as 3YO’s and 4YO’s in non-resident status.
        • Non-resident PA-sired foals of 2009 will be paid as 2YO’s, 3YO’s, and 4YO’s in non-resident status.
        • Non-resident PA-sired foals of 2010 will be paid as 2YO’s and 3YO’s in non-resident status.

Definitions, based on Language in Slots Bill:

  • Breeder” – The owner or lessee of the broodmare, as registered with the US Trotting Association, whose rule reads, “The breeder of a horse, for the purpose of registration, is the owner or lessee of the dam at the time of breeding, and when held under lease, bred on shares or in partnership, only such lease or partnership will be recognized for such purposes which is filed int he offices of the United Sates Trotting Association”.
  • Pa Stallion” – A stud registered with the Pennsylvania Racing Commissions during the year of conception.  He will be eligible for Sire Stakes and Harness Breeders Fund purposes. (Foal from “dual hemisphere” stallions would be eligible only if conceived in the Pennsylvania breeding season)
  • PA Bred” – A foal whose dam conceived via a Pennsylvania stallion but whose connections did not turn in required paperwork testifying to her residing in Pennsylvania for 180 contiguous days surrounding foaling.
  • PA Sired and Bred” – A foal whose dam conceived via a Pennsylvania stallion, was born in Pennsylvania, and whose connections turned in the required paperwork testifying the dam (recipient mare if embryo transfer) residing in Pennsylvania for any 180 contiguous days surrounding foaling. (Emergencies and exceptions, such as illness, orphan foal, etc., will be dealt with by the Commission on case-to-case basis)

Breeders Award Distributions

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